Truffles (continued)
Please note: there is another truffle found in the markets of the Périgord that is easy to confuse with the Périgord truffle. This is the Chinese truffle (Tuber indicum Vitt.). Although perfectly edible, this truffle has little flavour and since it is sometimes handled dishonestly - combined with real Périgord truffles, even sprayed with a synthetic aroma, and sold at the price of the real Périgord truffle, it needs to be properly identified. This is serious fraud, not only because the consumer pays an unfair price but also because it compromises the brand image of the "queen of black truffles" with buyers.
The "summer truffle" (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) is another black truffle that resembles the Périgord truffle, but it is only available on the markets in summer. Black on the surface, it has a very light flesh. It has a very subtle flavour that cannot be compared with that of its winter relative. Eaten fresh, it is not unpleasant, but it isn't suitable for preserving. Fresh black Périgord truffles are only available during their harvest season, which is in winter.