The price of fresh truffles varies from one season to another, within the season and within the month, depending on demand and production. Even though it's not the time of their peak maturity, the Périgord truffle and the black winter truffle that can be used as a supplement, reach their peak prices between the 20th and the 31st of December. It is not unusual to see prices reach over 1,000 € per kilo for the best Périgord truffles (or even more for the top category) at local markets, and for black winter truffles to reach 400 €.
The season 2012/2013 proved to be particularly bad. Due to a very low truffle yield, prices soared to over 1,500 € locally to meet the demands of the festive season. But in years with a good yield you can find excellent truffles, if you shop around yourself, both on the markets and directly from a truffle farmer, for 600 to 700 € in January, when production is good, and 300 € for a black winter truffle or a second category Périgord truffle. While a second category truffle is not as attractive in appearance, it retains all its organoleptic qualities, which is the important point, particularly when used grated or crumbled. However, if you don't live in the area, it is advisable to become a regular customer with a truffle producer or a local seller, who will always find a practical solution for both parties in case of problems.

Although truffles are always sold ‘brushed’ (brossage), ‘washed’ (lavage) and ‘re-dried’ (ressuyée), a progressive dehydration after the sale causes a normal weight loss